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Whenever I read a book, at least one that isn't set in a mystical fantasy otherworld, I like to know more about the place and time in which it's set. This works for any book, not just those catalogued in the so-called 'historical fiction' genre. Call me a history nerd, many have, but when a character or narrator in a fiction book tells me that something happened or that people dressed in a certain way or whatever, I want to know how much is actually true. Or at least to get a better grasp on where these characters come from. So my blog is basically an attempt to understand this context a bit better. I take a book that I've read (usually fiction, but there may be some other genres as well) and look at something historical which relates to it. It might be something explicitly in the plot, or it might be a sideline. Sometimes I'll take something incidental which I just found interesting.

NB. I do not pretend to be an expert in all or any of the historical themes I'll be talking about. They will be researched as well as I can, but I'm sure there will be things others may want to pick on. Please, debate away. This is for fun!

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